The Committee

The Committee

The volunteers on the Columbus Day Regatta Committee work year-round to make this annual event happen. To do so takes an extraordinary amount of planning, work and coordination.

The support of sponsors, local yacht clubs and many other organizations is key to success.

Board Members

Timothy J. Sullivan

Chris Lanza

Mark W. Pincus
Chairman Emeritus

Susan A. Walcutt

Marco Oquendo

Sharon Bourke
Principle Race Officer

Current Committee Members

Bob Valledor
Linda & Steve Evans
Jaime Ramon
Kerry Gruson
Ralph & Sara Yanes
Stuart Sprague
Mario Bustamonte
Jane Ann Pincus
Gaylord “Jay” Wood
Astrid Dalins
Faddy Abreu

Marvin Schenker
Helene Schenker
Frank Delaurier
Melinda Smith
Jon Stemples
David Turner
John Lowe
Tricia Walker
Susan A. Walcutt
Cathy Buller